How to change an H22 to a CRX chassis with a Hasport mounting kit

This can be quite a difficult trade if you try it without instructions or guidance. However, these step-by-step instructions can make it very easy. An H22 engine in an 88-91 Civic or CRX chassis exaggerates the old power-to-weight ratio theory for incredible acceleration.

Let’s start by assuming you’ve already removed the original motor. We will start this engine change by preparing the engine bay. The first step is to remove the passenger side transmission mounting bracket that is welded to the frame. It will require the use of a drill with a large bit or a spot weld bit to punch out the factory welds and remove this bracket from the stringer. After removal, use a grinder or similar tool to smooth the stringer of any debris or sharp points left from the drill.

Next, bolt the passenger side transmission mount included in the Hasport mounting kit to the passenger side frame rail using the 12mm battery tray bolts and factory tapped holes. You will need to use a felt-tip pen or other marker to trace the outline of this bracket onto the frame. Remove the support and grind or sand the paint in the area you traced to prepare it for welding.

Screw the bracket back into place and weld the bracket onto the frame rail. Be careful to fully penetrate the weld, but not to burn through the factory frame rail. After the area has cooled, spray primer over the exposed welds and apply the paint of your choice of color over the primed area to prevent corrosion.

Then comes the hard part. Factory F/H series transmissions are very large and will require some modification to the bottom of the rail under the newly installed bracket. It’s easiest if you lift the motor partway into place to see what area needs to be cut. After cutting enough clearance, you will need to fabricate a brace out of sheet metal or similar material to adequately brace the frame rail. This can be skipped, but be careful!

Now some fun stuff. By this time you will have overcome the fear of cutting your car, so it will be a piece of cake. Use a medium sized mallet and put a large dent in the top of the firewall to make room for the huge H22 intake manifold. It may be helpful to partially lift the motor into place to get an idea of ​​where to “put” this tooth.

Bolt the Hasport rear mount to the lower cross member using the supplied hardware included with the Hasport mounting kit. On the timing belt side of your new H22 engine, remove the timing belt covers and unbolt the factory engine mounting bracket. Bolt the new Hasport engine mount bracket in place and reinstall the factory timing covers. Covers may need slight trimming to clear billet mounting bracket.

Remove the H22 transmission vehicle speed sensor and replace it with your factory 88-91 civic/crx wire-actuated speed sensor. This should snap right into place. Bolt Hasport’s cable-to-hydro conversion lever assembly onto your H22 drivetrain. Due to the large size of the H22 engine, you will need to shave the power steering outer pulley or install a lower drive style crank pulley that does not have a power steering groove.

Bolt the included Hasport alternator bracket onto your h22 engine using the hardware supplied with the Hasport H22 mounting kit. Then bolt the factory D-series alternator bracket to the Hasport alternator bracket. You may need to bend the dipstick tube slightly to allow clearance. Using the remaining factory hardware, bolt your original D-series alternator “upside down” onto your H22 engine. To make installation in the engine bay easier, you can wait until the engine is installed to bolt on the alternator.

Now comes the fun part. The easiest way to install an H22 engine with a Hasport mounting kit is from below. You will need to lift the car on a hoist and “lower” it onto the engine. When the engine is almost in place, bolt the rear engine “L” bracket into place using only the top two bolts. Leave the bottom two rear bracket bolts out until the other brackets are screwed on. You can now bolt the timing belt side mount into place, followed by the transmission mount. Just hand tighten them for now. Go back to the rear mount bolting the motor to the rear mount and install the two lower bolts. Now tighten all the engine mounting bolts to factory specifications.

For wiring you will need to modify the original engine harness to fit the Prelude engine. For simplicity, a new custom wiring harness can also be purchased. The shafts you will need to use are custom made by Hasport and must be installed using the H22 intermediate shaft.

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