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How to ask a guy to be yours forever! Here’s how to get him to finally fully commit

You might think that the guy you are dating is the man who is destined for you, but the question is, does he believe this too? He could mean the world to you, but if this feeling is reciprocated, all your emotions would just go to waste. So how do you ask him to be with you forever?

Know if there is a seed of hope.

Before you even confront him and ask him to be yours forever, you must first assess this guy’s feelings. You are a woman and you don’t want to risk feeling embarrassed in front of him, so do your homework. Study it closely and see if you have a chance forever.

Calm any fears you may have.

Learn what keeps you from offering him forever or a more secure future together. If you ever dare to ask him, at least include a question that gives you the answer to what scares him. Once you address that concern, he will be more willing to share his with you forever.

Know what makes you smile and pout.

As you have learned the boy’s feelings for you, the next thing you need to know is to discover the things that make him happy. You should also make a list of all the things he despises. Once you become an expert at this, you will be in a better position to give him what he wants and stay away from the things he does not want.

Schedule a meeting for him and your parents.

Taking the boy home with you already means that you are welcoming him deep into your inner circle. This means that you are already captivated by him and you are sure that he is the one with whom you would want to spend your life.

Create a romantic atmosphere.

Since you are going to ask this man a very sensitive question, do you think you can just ask the question while you are busy watching a baseball game with him? Of course, no! You would need to be in a place that evokes romance or you will never get a good response from it.

Confess your feelings only when the time is right.

Once you are in the most romantic place with the right music, the right lighting, and the right mood, you can try asking that delicate question. If the timing is not right, don’t force him to respond.

Don’t squeeze an answer out of him.

When you ask it to become yours, never expect it to be able to respond right away. If his reaction is one of surprise, you can’t blame him. You may be considering a lot of things right now and you can’t see why you need to ask now. Tell him that you want him to be yours forever, but never demand it!

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