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How not to forget the lyrics of the songs and nail your interpretation

It happens even to the best of us, we forget the words of a song in the middle of a performance despite constant singing practice. I can imagine how embarrassing it is, but sometimes it’s inevitable that both amateur and professional singers forget the lyrics, especially if they try so hard to focus on showing off their best singing vocal technique on stage and neglect the other key elements in a song. successful performance.

But there are many other reasons why singers forget the words of the song. One could be stage fright, which is common to many amateur singers. The second could be the condition of absolute forgetting. Third, it could be lack of practice. So how can you get over forgetting song lyrics?

Learn to sing well with these practical tips, without forgetting the lyrics of the song:

• Read and review the words of your song in short bursts, which are considered much more effective than cramming and memorizing them for several hours.

• Write important notes about the images and the theme of the song.

• Record yourself singing and speaking the lyrics.

• Speak and sing to the rhythm of the song.

• Type or type the words as you repeat them.

• Associate the foreign words of the song with those you already know.

• Study the words carefully while trying to play a practice track during odd jobs or while in the car.

• Study the lyrics of the song in reverse order. The last verse is the first and then go over the words several times a day.

• For singing practice, review the song every day, including saying the words out loud.

• Use humorous, vibrant, and exaggerated symbols and images to help him relate to the words of the song in case he forgets them. Put these sung images together to create a journey during the song.

• Memorize the lyrics of the song even without music. Then match the words to the music.

• Imagine the song and words in your head as if you were hearing them, even while watching TV or doing something else.

• Our brain, they say, continues to work at night, so take advantage of that and start the routine of singing lessons before bed.

• Create a practice tape where you can keep track of the singing practices you’ve done. Listen to it over and over until you fall asleep.

• When studying how to back up vocals or harmonies, record your part on one tape, and then record the rest of the singers’ parts on another tape. Study both. Practice your part first. After you have mastered your part, listen to the other tape and sing as if you are merging with the rest of the singers recorded on the tape.

• Make a pour, as if it were something repetitive.

• Make copies of your song everywhere: in your car or bedroom, anywhere that fits. Repeat the words whenever you can.

• Always carry a portable audio player with headphones, so you can listen to your recording anytime, anywhere.

• And when you think you’ve successfully memorized the lyrics of the song and can sing it in front of people even blindfolded, reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done.

Singing on stage with a large crowd is, of course, scary, especially for new singers. But to become a singer you have to take the leap and conquer your fears. Consider scheduling a regular singing practice to polish your craft. And if it happens that you still forget the lyrics of the song with all these tips mentioned, just upload it to the singing experience, but make sure you learn your lessons from then on.

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