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Healthy weight loss without spending a fortune

There are several advertisements that promise healthy weight loss in a matter of weeks. They range from simple diet programs to the most drastic surgical procedures. There is one thing common to all of them: the very high cost.

Helping people achieve their ideal body shape is a profitable business today given the demand. Gyms have a membership fee, dietitians have hefty consulting fees, and even recommended food is often expensive and not easy to prepare. Healthy weight loss isn’t that hard, and there’s no reason you can’t achieve your fitness goals on your own. This article shows you how to help yourself and others with your fitness goals.

o Know the basics: If you plan to make your own diet charts and exercise program, understanding the science of healthy weight loss is essential. While it’s ultimately about caloric intake, it’s also about distributing those calories throughout the day and timing that intake with the body’s metabolic peaks. A potato after exercising is not the same as a potato before bed.

Also, people may have specific conditions that may be an impediment to their weight loss goals, in which case they need to see a doctor before starting. Calorie counts for most foods, natural and packaged, are readily available on the Internet and can be easily downloaded for reference.

o No gain without pain: While starving yourself is not necessary for healthy weight loss, restrictive eating is the cornerstone of any weight loss program. There is simply no diet or procedure on earth that would allow you to live regularly on chocolate cakes and cheeseburgers. The extent of the restriction will depend on the amount of problem foods in your regular diet, and is something you will need to continue for the rest of your life. Any back-of-the-envelope calculation will show that ANY short-term diet will have short-term results. You will have to GIVE UP certain foods +- at least in the amounts you ate before.

o Use it or lose it: While you may view exercise as a nasty chore or some kind of torture you have to go through every day, there’s a better point of view. Dancing, playing baseball with your kids, working out on the beach, and even having sex are also fun ways to burn off those extra pounds. These activities are not only good for toning our body, but they also give us a high, like no alcohol can. The extra activity also allows us the luxury of enjoying our favorite high-calorie foods after our training sessions. Lack of exercise can, in fact, be the cause of disease and illness.

Last but not least, it is important to remember that the best fat burning tool is the mind. Once you decide that you need to lose those extra pounds, or get the shape you want to be, the universe will conspire to show you how to do it. You need to use common sense and stay on track to achieve healthy weight loss.

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