Funny birthday poems: give laughter

Instead of giving the same old card you send out every year, why not take advantage of our fun birthday poems? We have a great selection of funny rhymes that will bring a smile to the face of any birthday boy or girl. Who wouldn’t appreciate a creative and entertaining addition to their special day, provided by a loved one who is delighted to see them smile?

If you have a friend who is depressed about turning another year older and with more gray hair, why not lighten the occasion with a crack in their old age? We have poems that can bring a smile to even the most reluctant birthday boy or girl.

A funny birthday card can be a great way to let someone know you’re thinking of them. Adding funny birthday poems to a card or gift is a personal touch that won’t soon be forgotten. Especially on those milestone birthdays (40th, 50th, 60th, for example), you can have fun joking your loved ones about being on top of the hill with a funny or silly rhyme.

Here is an example from our collection of funny birthday poems:

It’s your birthday, I almost forgot.

I searched online, I bought you squat.

I hope you don’t turn all bitter,

Since you have never quit smoking.

You can imagine the smiles a funny birthday poem will bring, don’t be surprised if you find your friends passing it around the room for all to enjoy. Of course, it’s understood that he really didn’t forget about such an important occasion, but it’s fun to take charge of giving the “birthday boy” a hard time.

If you know of any funny birthday poems, we’d love to hear yours. You can submit a poem to our site, as long as you don’t mind sharing it with others. Feel free to share the poems you find here with your friends and family; Nothing makes a birthday celebration laugh like a humorous and heartwarming rhyme.

As most of us know, a gift is significant because of the idea that goes into it, not because of how much the giver has spent. An expensive gift can be cold and impersonal if it is not given with love and care, while a less expensive gift becomes even more valuable by adding something truly personal.

You can entertain and touch someone’s life at the same time when you choose to add funny birthday poems to the gifts you give to all your friends and loved ones.

For family and friends who live far away, nothing lets them know they’re in your thoughts like a personal note or a funny birthday poem. Even when miles separate you, your wit and personality can still be there when you choose to send funny birthday poems with your card or gift.

Our funny birthday poems are free for you to share with all your friends, but don’t forget to credit the author for their creativity. We hope you enjoy all of our birthday poems and that all the celebration occasions in your life are truly special.

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