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Full finger armor rings are not just antique jewelry, they are stunning pieces of finger art.

Have you ever stopped to think that no matter how fantastic the outfit we wear, we still love to adorn ourselves with jewelry to really finish and enhance our look and somehow over the years it has become almost instinctive to add that touch? end or commit a big crime of sorts? So, to make sure I make that particular fashion misstep, I’ve seen some mind-blowing additions to anything I choose to wear in the form of an armor ring.

Until recently, if someone had told me full finger armor rings, I really would have been a bit perplexed and from what it might be, well my guess would have been off the playing field. I mean, was I going to be looking at a ring with some serious metal work on it? Jokes aside, I’ve been totally inspired by these amazing finger art pieces (because that’s really what they are) and I can’t help but think you’ll agree.

If you are thinking of circulating with a stone or some engraving then you would be correct in the latter, but that is where we left the convention and embarked on an impressive jewelry journey. I don’t know the origins of when and where they appeared but, because they are also known as full finger ring, knight ring, medieval ring, and gothic ring to name just a few, perhaps they are more steeped in history than we can begin with. . to know.

That being said, when looking at some of the styles and designs, you might be forgiven for thinking that they have been kept quiet in the background of jewelry fashions since ancient times and are now emerging and making a visual impact because it really is time to have the center of attention safe.

If Vivienne Westwood has caught on to the idea and turned things around, churning out some amazing designs, you know that everything you see will be amazing. So what is special about these rings? The bottom line is that they are very different from anything you can imagine.

They are usually made of sturdy but comfortable pewter or sterling silver, and because of this they can be very intricately designed (apparently very workable metals). Which simply means a fantastic end result that is quite impressive to look at, with 2 or 3 pieces that come together to flow with the movements of the fingers and hands in a very natural and easy way.

To give not only your outfit a big boost, but your day as well, take a look at any of these dramatic full-toe d├ęcor elements. I can guarantee that wearing an armor ring will make your hand one of the most talked about in your office or university, or whatever you are involved in, no problem. Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions and share your find knowing you’ve started something amazing.

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