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Famous residents of the Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight is a great place to be and tourists like it very much. There is a lot to see and do there while on vacation, but not everyone is a tourist. There are famous people who make the Isle of Wight their home. Actors, musicians, authors, and more – many of them were born there, raised there, lived there for a while, or live there now.

It is important for them to have a place like the Isle of Wight where they can enjoy the natural beauty of the area and still have the luxury and convenience that comes with city or city life. Getting both means you can have a rich and satisfying experience on the Isle of Wight. It is difficult to list everyone who is famous and who makes the Isle of Wight their home or who has made it their home in the past, but who are some people who are associated with the Isle of Wight in some way:

Charles Darwin – his theory of evolution is still important to many people – and also widely discussed by religious leaders – today.

Charles Dickens: The works of this man continue.

Bear Grylls – The youngest man to climb Mount Everest and survive it, Grylls now features the popular ‘Man v. Wild TV show.

ยท Jeremy Irons: actor who has appeared in many films over a long career.

Winston Churchill – As a leader, Churchill did many good deeds and played a crucial role in history.

Lewis Carroll – Carroll’s writing remains popular today, alluding to his talent and ability to tell a story and keep the reader interested.

John Keats – Many poets and writers like Keats found the Isle of Wight to be a great place to think, dream and create.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Like Keats and others, Longfellow did some of his best work surrounded by natural beauty like that of the Isle of Wight.

Karl Marx – Philosophers and others with similar ideas discovered that there were many good places to think on the Isle of Wight.

Alfred, Lord Tennyson – One more person added to the list of wordwriters who called the Isle of Wight home.

Queen Victoria – Had a part-time residence on the Isle of Wight for some time, where she could escape.

Margaret Thatcher – Mrs Thatcher also realized the importance of being able to get away from it all in a beautiful setting, and she used to go to the Isle of Wight annual holidays.

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne – Love them or hate them, the Osbornes have been around in entertainment in one way or another for a long time.

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