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Fake magazine covers with your photo

Why don’t you add more visual effects for your gifts? Are you ready for that? Then you can do it by creating a professional custom magazine cover with the photos of your choice. All things can be customized to suit your needs and your favorite look.

What occasions would this idea be good for? believe me; all occasions can be better with this idea. All occasions like birthdays, father’s day, mother’s day, graduation day, holidays and all special events. Send a unique gift to your lover and make him say WOW.

You can also create a custom magazine cover for yourself to record a special event or moments on a special holiday. There are hundreds of ideas that you can use when you decide to create a custom magazine cover.

How can I design my custom magazine cover? You can request a professional design from an online service, there are very good websites that allow you to choose your personal photos, content and design. And they will send you your personal magazine on thick, glossy paper.

So if you want to send a unique and cool gift to your lover, you can create this unique gift that will be good for all occasions. If you want to record a special event for yourself, you can record it in your personalized magazine that includes your main photo on the front and the other photos on the back of the cover. I don’t know of cool gifts like this, so enjoy sending it.

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