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Essential factors when planning a new kitchen

There are many different styles of kitchens available on the market with different price tags. However, there are a number of factors to consider BEFORE you part with your hard-earned money.

o What kind of budget do you have? Do you need to start or can you update certain aspects?

o What type of kitchen would suit your lifestyle, home or family?

o Would you prefer an equipped kitchen instead of a dresser?

o Is the current location of your kitchen within your home the best place for it or do you need to relocate it to make the most of the space within your home?

o Will a new extension be required to house the kitchen?

o Do you need a separate dining room?

o Do you need to open up to the living room?

o Do you need to provide an area for the children? Are areas needed to play, do homework? Can you watch the children? Will the areas be safe for them? Are dangerous items out of reach?

o How much cooking will you need to do?

o Do you intend to use the space for entertainment? If so, do you prefer to have your guests interact while you prepare your meals?

o Do you prefer small dinners?

o How much storage space do you need? Do you shop weekly, monthly, etc.?

o Do you like to have your utensils in sight or do you prefer that everything is out of sight?

o How much work surface will you need? Make sure you have enough to prepare the food, let the pans sit, and serve.

o Do you prefer these areas to be wood, granite, natural stone, slate, backsplash, concrete, laminate, or stainless steel? Are you prepared to have surfaces treated regularly to keep them in tip-top condition?

o Would you like the materials used to be ecological?

o Do you need additional sinks / drainage areas? What type of taps will you need? Is a water softener required?

o Will you be able to easily access your fridge, sink and kitchen in one triangular motion? It is important not to put your refrigerator / freezer next to your pot.

o Is the refrigerator / freezer big enough for you and your family’s needs?

o Do you need a dishwasher? Maybe you can buy a compact one if your kitchen is small. However, they can cost the same price as a full-size one.

o Would you like your fridge / freezer and dishwasher to be integrated?

o Would you like a built-in oven with a separate hob or would you like a separate kitchen?

o Does the idea of ​​having a stove with an oven fit into your scheme or can you do it with a basic stove? Are you willing to learn how the controls work? Do you prefer gas or electricity?

o Do you need space for your laundry or can you relocate it to a utility area?

o Do you need to change your electrical or plumbing design? If so, factor the cost of relocating them into your budget. Make sure reputable professional personnel who can provide you with legal documentation carry out the work. Otherwise, you may have trouble selling your property.

o Is any new appliance efficient in the use of water? Do you have a water meter?

o Is any new appliance energy efficient?

o Will you need additional lighting? It is necessary to take into account the different situations that may arise in the kitchen. Lighting work areas, creating the right atmosphere, and the like will take a bit of thought.

o What type of soil will you need? Do you prefer wood, stone, slate, tile, linoleum, vinyl, rubber, cork, or concrete? Some surfaces will not give you a second chance if fragile objects fall on them.

o Will it be easy to keep the kitchen clean?

o What colors do you want?

o Do you need any accessories?

When you see your dream kitchen come true, enjoy it!

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