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Dog Party Ideas – Bolt the Movie

It’s no wonder Bolt’s party supplies and ideas are one of the most popular kids’ party themes today. Since the release of this fun cartoon movie for kids, it has been one of the best ideas for children’s parties! Disney movies are always very popular with children and usually end up being an interesting and fun party theme.

Bolt the movie is a story about a movie star dog of the same name. All his life he has lived in a fantasy world of non-stop action and superpowers, without the slightest idea that this is all a fantasy. In the first part of the film, the owner of the television canine, Penny, is kidnapped during a scene in her television series. Believing that it was a real kidnapping and fearing the worst for her owner, the Super Powered Dog went out to rescue her from her. However, Bolt is mistakenly sent from a Hollywood studio to New York City. Realizing this, he embarks on the most exciting adventure of his as he travels back home. Throughout the film, he meets two unlikely characters: Mittens the cat and the rhino, the hamster.

Although the adults in the movie rarely caught the eye, these three characters are what make the movie truly entertaining: they’re funny, witty, and 100% lovable. Bolt with his superpower illusions; Mittens, the cunning and skeptical alley cat who helps the Hollywood dog find his way home; and Rhino, the TV-crazed little hamster who is Bolt’s #1 fan. These three characters complement each other very well: Bolt lights up Mittens, Mittens gives Rhino some sense, and Rhino boosts Bolt’s self-confidence! Mittens accompanies Bolt because he can eat with him around, Bolt recruits Mittens because he thinks she’s one of the “green-eyed” man’s spies, and Rhino, well, he follows Bolt everywhere because she’s the biggest admirer of him. .

Since Bolt has been a superdog his entire life as a movie star, he genuinely believes that he does, in fact, have superpowers. In the movie, these characters face many challenges and mishaps, and he always handles these situations like he does in his movies, of course with the help of his friends.

This Walt Disney animated movie is something that is sure to make everyone laugh. It is full of surprises and funny scenes, that there is absolutely no dull moment in it. An animated film that is packed with depth, character, and humor, Bolt is widely regarded as one of the best family entertainment movies to hit theaters in 2008.

Buy some plates and napkins with Bolt on them… there are also some boxes full of fun accessories to give as thank you gifts. Make some dog bone cookies for your little guests…they’ll love it! Find some fun party games to play‚Ķ how about a dog bone pinata? Put a Bolt cake topper on your homemade cake and you are ready to entertain your guests. Some unique party ideas for this Disney theme can be found online along with many party supplies that work with this fun theme. Dog party ideas top the list of popular party themes this year. Other fun dog party themes include The DOG, Pink Poodle in Paris, Scooby Doo, and even Barn Yard Pets includes a dog in their animal party! Why? Because kids love dogs and anything kids like is a great party idea!

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