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Do I have what it takes?

What am I made of? Do I have what it takes? I want to succeed, can I do it?

Let’s try to answer your question, if you’re willing to listen.

I don’t know you, but will you tell me? So do you have what it takes? Everybody wants to succeed, can you do it? What are you made of? Why should you care? Is it worth finding out? Well, it’s interesting that you ask this question. I myself have had to ask this question many times. Therefore, it seems appropriate to me to answer you and help you. And thanks for asking, because this is the first step to understanding yourself. Here is the answer to your question, what am I made of? How can I find out?

It comes to others at different times in their lives. If you really want to know, there are only a few ways. But all of those ways require you to do your best. I was able to find out myself in athletic-type activities, then in games of skill, racing, flying, politics, and business. If you ever discuss this with a mountaineer, marathoner, entrepreneur, soldier after battle, politician, student finishing his PhD work; they can tell you better than anyone. You can experience these things through many events.

I have spoken with actors, debate students, chess champions, card players, leaders, heroes, Olympic medalists, fighter pilots, corporate titans and professional golfers, tennis players, fishermen, soccer players, footballers, baseball players, etc. Depending on your sphere of experience, you will find many young people who can tell you the answer while pushing skateboards, debating in class, making soccer team, surviving the most recent relationship that week, or even reaching grade or level. parental acceptance. . The trick is when you experience these things to realize their value. In my life I have tried crossing raging rivers, running marathons, working to beat my personal best on the track, riding a bike from Oregon to Mexico, running in an election, taking 33 units in a semester at two different colleges at the same time, climbed mountains, grew a business and many other things.

The more things you do, the more strength of character you will feel and the stronger you will be. This is important for the health of your conscience and your state of mind. I won’t try to pretend I’m a motivation expert, but like most of the people mentioned above, I like you, I’m the biggest motivator of myself. When you’re crossing a river or swimming through an open ocean channel, climbing a mountain, running a marathon, or biking more than 200 miles in one go, many things cross your mind. Then you will look inward to wonder;

“How strong am I?”

“I can do this?”

“Do I have what it takes?”

It is similar to the little train that is told in history; I think I can, I think I can. Some people will ask God to help them find the strength to achieve whatever they try. Either way, it is during these times of self-induced adversity or times of battle that you can determine the answer to your question. A person who strives over and over again can develop incredible strength of character. People like Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Arnold Swarznegger, Magic Johnson, Wayne Gretsky in sports can tell you this along with former sports stars who will later become motivators and teachers like Vince Lombardi, who has the famous quote:


“Winning is not an occasional thing, it is something permanent. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do things right all the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, losing too. There is no place. for second place. There’s only one place in my game, and that’s first place. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in everything we do, and to win, and win, and win. It’s a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games attract the most competitive men. That is why they are there, to compete. Know the rules and objectives when they enter the game. The objective is to win fairly and directly , by the rules, but winning. I believe in God and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that the best hour of any man, his greatest satisfaction for everything he loves. – – is that moment when he has to work with all his heart for a good cause and is exhausted on the battlefield – – victorious “.

Vincent Lombardi


Beating the odds, overcoming adversity, adjusting to any situation, and having the strength of character to never give up is an incredible tool for you and your mind, but it isn’t free. If you possess such talents, vision, commitment, dedication, and perseverance, then you are an incredible asset to this country, your family, and the world as well. Few possess such levels of strength of character. If you have it, you will know. And for others, who have it, they will almost instinctively recognize it if you have it. Because now you share a common bond with the best of the species. It is a feeling of presence that you have in your step, in your speech, in your breathing. As you reach higher and higher levels, you will find fewer and fewer people who possess these levels. It is important that we notice these traits in others and allow those in need to take our experience to the next level.

The question if you have what it takes cannot be answered by me or anyone but you and can only be answered during or immediately after such an incredible achievement at that time and place. If you really want to know the answer, you have to take a few risks and do it. Whatever “It” is, it is not as important as what you are doing.

The most important traits of these people who seek to develop are perseverance and the understanding that you cannot give up.

Winston Churchill said;

“Never, never, never, never, never give up.”

If you remember the movie “Gatica”, the so-called genetically inferior brother swam to the genetically created superior brother, who could not return to shore. He had neither the drive nor the will. How could this happen? Well, because I had not developed what we are talking about here. Do you remember Rocky versus the Russian super boxer? The same thing.

Calvin Coolidge said about perseverance;

“Nothing in the world can replace perseverance. Talent will not; nothing is more common than talented failed men. Genius will not; genius without reward is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated bums. Persistence and determination alone is omnipotent. “

If you have seen movies like Karate Kid, St. Elmos Fire, Vision Quest, etc. Capture our sense of self-determination and determination. Movies like “Ants, The Matrix, etc. are also highly regarded by audiences because they highlight themes such as self-determination, self-determination, and strength of character against odds, challenges, and the world, even Mother Nature. That’s why, surfers, mountain climbers, marathoners, pilots, sailors, etc. often have a deeper sense of their abilities and the power of nature and its strength to face those incredible the middle of a marathon , It is as if the mountain, the Earth or the water asks you Who are you to challenge these forces? What makes you think you can do this? What makes you think you can do this? What do you represent? Who are you? ? Are you sure you can do this? Why are you doing this?

It is at that point that you will reach a sense of yourself and will be able to answer your question. The more you do this, the stronger your strength of character and the more reality-based you will be in your ability to predict your limits, test those limits, expand those limits, and achieve more for yourself, your family, your country, your race. and children of the world. While others live in fear, embroiled in artificial controversy to keep the natives restless and under control, you can rise above it all, accept any challenge, reject defeat, and emerge victorious in what you seek. It is not as difficult as you might think. There really is nothing you can’t do. There is nothing that is impossible. No one can make you believe that you are a failure without your express consent. As long as you have earned and believe through experience that you have what it takes, then you have it. If your experiences have not yet brought you to this point, you have not experienced all that you can and have not challenged yourself enough.

I remember I once visited a toastmasters club meeting and thought I could use a little help with public speaking, but once there I could see that they needed me as an instructor, not a student, so I taught and looked for someone with more experience to teach me. for my own needs and for which I returned the favor. If you want to master a line of thought, skill, talent and surpass yourself. You must work hard, be disciplined, and never give up. You will soon find what you are looking for. I don’t have those questions anymore, but I see that others do. Once you have reached this point or if you think you are about to give it a try. Go ahead and email me. I prefer to partner with winners, like you.

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