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Browsing through the Wusthof catalog

Wusthof has been one of the biggest names in knives since 1814. Operating out of Solingen, Germany, the “Cutlery Capital” of the world, they continue to produce knives that are used by top chefs and four-star kitchens around the world. These knives are favorites of many prominent chefs including Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, and James Martin. This high quality is the result of a rigorous system of forty separate processes that go into the forging of each and every blade.

Wusthof offers many different series of knives, from those intended for the culinary aficionado looking to upgrade their kitchen to those designed for the finest restaurants. Read on for an overview of the current product catalog, set by set. You are sure to find a knife or knife set that is exactly what you are looking for.

The Emerilware knife collection bears the mark of star chef Emeril Legassi, who has used Wusthof knives throughout his career and on his popular show Emeril Live! Emeril himself hand-selected the knives in this set. These blades are designed with ergonomic handles for comfortable cutting. The handles have a non-slip pebble finish to reduce accidents in the kitchen. The blades are made from a stain resistant alloy steel that should last a long time. Easily sharpened, these knives are super sharp and hold their edge well.

Emerilware knives are some of the most modestly priced in the catalogue. Priced all their fans can afford, these knives still meet Wusthof’s quality standards. A complete 18-piece Emerilware set runs around $150, while individual knives typically run around $20 each. Other knives in this price range include the Silverpoint Collection, the design many Emerilware knives are based on.

For someone looking for a mid-range option, the Le Cordon Bleu collection is a great option. These lightweight knives feature a seamless, triple-riveted handle, with the Wusthof logo prominently displayed. With their low weight and superior balance, these knives are excellent for reducing fatigue from long cutting jobs. Precision forged, the blades are some of the sharpest in the catalogue.

Knives from the Wustof Le Cordon Bleu Collection are around $50 each individually, while you can pick up a 14-piece set for $400. These knives are a great investment – they are all full tang knives, which means that the metal that anchors the blade to the handle runs all the way to the handle, making the blade very stable and strong. Other knives in this price range include the Gourmet and Grand Prix collections, which feature a different type of handle.

If price isn’t an issue, a higher-end option from Wusthof is the Ikon suite. Ikon knives feature a new unique triple-riveted handle design optimized for a perfect in-hand feel. The neck is constructed of either Grenadilla or Mozambique ebony, one of the strongest woods available. These knives are precision forged, giving them incredible sharpness and durability. The edges of these blades are laser tested to ensure maximum sharpness. Most blades feature full tangs, which increases balance and durability.

The Ikon set features some of the highest quality knives on the market today, so you can expect to pay accordingly. Individual knives in this collection are $100 each, and a full set of 18 knives is around $1,400! Clearly these blades are intended for professionals and are probably out of the price range of most casual buyers. Other options in this price range include the Ikon Classic in black or white, and the Culinar Collection, which is a pure stainless steel set.

Regardless of your culinary needs or skills, there is a high-quality Wusthof knife named after you. Don’t waste your money on cheap knives that dull in days – make an investment that will last with super-sharp, long-lasting blades.

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