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Boxing and jogging: they go hand in hand

Do you want to be a good boxer? Well then you need to have superior cardiovascular strength. You should also have strong legs that won’t turn to rubber as the fight goes on. This means you have to run a lot, do steps in the stadium, and do wind sprints. Of course, you also need time to work out in the gym, strengthen your muscles, train, and improve your speed and strength. It would make sense not to waste time jogging and doing a bit of shadow boxing on the go.

One technique that is fairly common is using ankle and wrist weights while running. If you want to rip, wear more clothes to sweat more. Make sure to stay hydrated, and once all that weight is off, you will be amazed at how light you feel and how fast your hands are. It’s best to go straight from running while shadowboxing during each step, and straight to the gym to working out on a speed bag. Maybe you’ve been driving your car and seen people jogging down the street, stopping for a signal at the crosswalk, turning around, and starting shadowboxing all the way around.

It looks like they’re throwing combo punches at ghosts, and you’re happy to be in your car where you’re safe instead of facing all those flying fists. You may think it seems silly enough, but a smart boxer will do this for hours on end, honing their skills and keeping them ready for the challenge of their next fight. Make no mistake, this is not a substitute for lifting weights in the gym, doing push-ups, sit-ups, and being in incredible physical condition; However, if you want to compete at the highest levels of boxing, you will eventually have to combine your boxing and jogging together while training.

While I was on the track team and also playing soccer, I often carried a soccer ball with me and kicked it in my 6-mile runs. The ball control I had by combining these two activities was incredible. It made me fast, agile and helped me improve my skills on the ball. The same goes for shadowboxing and jogging.

In case you’ve ever wondered what those people were doing as they jogged down the street and seemed to be fighting ghosts, now you know. Today they are punching the air, tomorrow it could well be an opponent on his way to the mat. Consider all of this and think about it.

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