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BET without cuts

Bet Uncut was one of the most famous adult television shows on cable television. The show gained a cult following as the main premise of the videos shown was associated with overly sexualized images of women and cheap lyrics. The show’s agenda was to show music videos whose tastes complemented the lowest standard of decency. The show aired at 2 in the morning due to content generally associated with programming. In addition to showing lewd videos, BET Unct also served as a means for lesser-known artists to get their music out there to the music-buying public.

The design of the BET Uncut television show was to broadcast cheaply made music videos. With a lack of budget, many artists used half-naked women dancing in their videos as their main selling point. This served as a powerful tool for many hip hop artists who were not signed to a major label to get their product out to the masses. Major label artists such as Chingy, Ludcaris and Nelly used BET Uncut as a way to promote their new album by making videos exclusively for BET Uncut.

BET Uncut had its share of stars and famous moments. Unknown rappers like Joker the Bailbondsman, Mighty Casey and Precha are just a few of the rappers who gained notoriety thanks to the BET Uncut show. These figures became show favorites based on their video or song content. The lower the video appeared to be, the more popular it became. BET Uncut often bordered on comedy, as the quality and content of the music videos was so poor that it was more comedy than anything of value.

The BET Uncut show also had its share of controversy. There were many people who felt that the show demeaned women and continually portrayed them in various situations that fostered disrespect towards women. The controversy surrounding the show reached its peak in 2003, when hip hop star Nelly released the number one BET Uncut video ever, Tip Drill. The Tip Drill video was created with the intention of airing on Uncut. The video achieved this and far exceeded the intent for which it was originally created.

BET uncut was canceled in 2006, ending what many said was BET’s most popular and controversial show. People think that Viacaom, the parent company of BET, caved in to the pressure and controversy surrounding the show. Although BET Uncut was cancelled, the show lives on in cyberspace. People can watch the famous videos on sites like Youtube

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