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Best Affiliate Marketing Tools That Would Help You In Affiliate Marketing To Increase Your Sales

A sales funnel is like cloning your best salesperson and allowing them to close sales for you 24/7.

The best sales person to sell your product … is you. !!

You are the best seller on planet earth to sell your product.

There is no one who believes in it more than you.

There is no one who can sell it better than you.

Guess what?

You are the one who sells it.

All day every day.

Because you are obsessed with it, you love it.

That is the key.

Instead of having 60 full-time salespeople in one office,

replace them with ONE sales funnel.

You will need a …

Landing page / offer

a thank you page

an upsell page

and a Downsell page.

Then you can make your pitch.

You have a chance to make sure your tone is perfect.

You can try it.

You can tecartela.

and then you have it perfect and it works.


Don’t ever touch it again.

The good thing about this.

When your funnel works

when the sales process is underway,

If you wake up in a bad mood, it doesn’t matter.

It still closes exactly the same percentage rate.

If you are tired that day

if you are sick,

if you want to go on vacation,

if you want to take a year off,

no matter.

Your sales funnel closes every day.

So how can people see the best salesperson in the world?

Record a video on your smartphone.

You’re probably asking …

What do I say ..?

As I say it ..?


This is the script.


– What

– Because

– How

Most of my videos today are made on my iPhone.

I have an outlet on the back of my phone so I can use it with one hand.

Then I turn on the camera.

And I know I can sell everything by answering those four questions.

Number 1 … Who are you …?

Number 2 … What do you have for the person who is watching this video …?

Number 3 … Why do you need it …?

Number 4 … How can they get it …?

The easiest script in the world and it’s magical.

It works so well.

Let’s say you have a book that you want to sell.

So take out your phone, click record and say …

“Hello my Name Is [YOUR NAME]”.

“I am here today in [PLACE]”.

“I’m very, very excited !!”

“I have a really cool book that I want you all to buy, it’s called [NAME OF BOOK]”.

“You need this book because if you want [GIVE REASON 1, REASON 2, REASON 3], you need this book. “

“Fill out the form on the side, let me now where to send your book, enter your credit card and we’ll send you one.”

BOOM … that’s it.

That is the video.

Now you can do this with all the affiliate products you want.

This is how we make our videos.

Using who, what, why, how.

I don’t care what you sell

this is the script that you can use over and over again in all your funnels.

This script will make you a crazy amount of money.

It’s fast, simple, and doesn’t have to be over-produced.

Now once you have the videos of your offer, thank you, increase the sale, reduce the sale to sell the product in your funnel,

now just plug them into your funnel.

In the past, what I used to do was take these assets and then have a meeting with my team.

We would have designers, programmers, webmasters and analytics people,

and all those things and that was a big pain in the butt.

I would tell them all these things, I would give them the videos

and they would spend the next two or three months building a sales funnel.

That’s how business was for me.

It took forever.

But today I have a new way, a better way, through a tool that my team and I use every day.

So … Now that you have amazing videos connected to an amazing sales funnel …

How can you get the exact same customers that are currently going to your competitors’ funnels?

So they start coming to your funne instead !!

This is the last step.

How do we get traffic and leads, and the people who are now reaching out to you and going through your funnels?

Now, this is where it all gets really fun.

Imagine, if you could call your competitor and ask where do you get all your traffic from?

What would happen?

Probably hang up on you fine.

Now sadly your competitor won’t give you that information …

but the internet will …

hehehehe …

There are websites that will.

They will tell you only one thing about what everyone is doing, there is no way to hide it online.

One of my favorite sites is

This is a really cool website that will really show you where people are getting their traffic from.

So I go to similarweb and type the URL of the competitor I am targeting.

I click the search button and BOOM!

It shows me all the data about what is happening on the website.

If you scroll down a bit, you will see a report that says … Top Referral Websites.

Who is referring all the traffic to them.

If you scroll down a little more, you will see a report that says … Display Advertising.

Click on the big button that says “Show Ads.”

I call it the “Show me the money” button.

Guess what it shows you ..?

All the ads they are posting.

If you upgrade to the paid version, you can see how long the ads ran.

The short-lived ads … didn’t work.

The long-running ads that are still active … are working right now.

So … now you know …

1.) Exactly where are they advertised

2.) Exactly what they are saying

for people to click on the ad to enter the funnel.

Now …

Design your own ad that is similar (NOT COPIED) and buy ads on the exact same websites.

Now, how would you get to design your banners …?

Go to or design them for free at

Hope this helps your business …

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