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Beach balls: facts and trivia for fun summer beach and pool parties

Beach balls are large, soft plastic, inflatable balls invented in California around 1938 and generally attributed to Jonathan DeLonge. Beach balls are made in a wide variety of sizes. Because they are so lightweight even when fully inflated, they are easy to move between people with little to no effort, making them the perfect accessory for a lazy day at the beach. Balls are currently manufactured in many different sizes, the most popular range from about 6 inches to four feet.

All beach balls have a similar construction. There are two circular panels (one of which usually contains the inflation valve) that are used to secure the bulging rectangles that make up the sides. The colors are endless and many have bright logos and patterns.

Beach balls had a major resurgence in popularity as a result of Annette Funicello and Frankie Avalon’s series of beach movies in the 1960s. Now, beach balls are often seen on the beach, poolside, graduation ceremonies, rock concerts and any other place where there is a gathering of people ready to have a good time.

Beach balls are the perfect accessories for any party, regardless of the age of the party guests. Beach balls are perfect to use at children’s parties because they are available in all colors, styles, and even come with characters stamped on them. Beach balls are lightweight, do not have sharp edges, and therefore do not pose a great risk of children hurting themselves or others by hitting them. As for adult parties, there doesn’t need to be any particular reason, color scheme, or theme rendered for those with a random beach ball in a guest room. However, doing so will almost always lead to laughter and more mischief, sure signs that a party is a huge success.

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