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Autofellatio: is it just an urban legend or is it really possible to pull off this incredible feat?

Autofellatio is the supposed ability of a man to be able to flex his trunk forward enough (as in a fetal position) so that he can contact his mouth with his male member. Once he reaches this destination, the man proceeds to stimulate himself using his mouth.

Men are not alone in this supposed sexual practice. It is said that when women can do something similar, that practice is titled, Autocunnilingus.

Strangely enough. In fact, the terms autofellatio and autocunnilingus are medical definitions of these acts. Outside of the medical community, he’s known as Self Suck, Solo Suck, Self Suck, Self Love, and other interesting conglomerates of words.

While the ability to be able to accomplish such a task seems hardly possible, it would make a great concept for a sci-fi movie about aliens. Imagine it, they could use these techniques as a form of reproduction. But honestly, it seems a bit far-fetched that people can actually perform these acts. So we are still left wondering if this can really be achieved or not.

One famous rock star and another famous pop star reportedly went to the trouble of having some lower ribs surgically removed to facilitate this ability. This may seem more than strange, but in reality it is not. If you bend your torso forward and bring your knees toward your chest, take note of your lower ribs. You can see that as you flex more and more, the ribs get closer and closer to the pelvic region. The elimination of the “floating” lower ribs would increase, anatomically speaking, the ability of a man or woman to snuggle into a ball position.

So then … what’s the verdict? Are these just forms of publicity stunts to get attention or are those positions really achievable?

The answer is clearly a solid “Yes”.

Let’s start with the most obvious examples: contortionism. Contortionists can manipulate their bodies in various positions that seem quite impossible. However, it can be done and you can find a lot of movies and pictures of people performing these rather interesting and exotic body positions.

The next most obvious group to be able to perform such acts would be men with very long male limbs. It just makes sense that if you have extra inches (which other men lack), this increase in length will make it that much easier. Adult film star Ron Jeremy gained worldwide fame and interest when he performed autofellatio in his previous adult films. This is before digital computer effects, so we know that he was able to perform such acts in real life.

Yoga is the next platform to be able to perform your own sexual acts like these. Visit a Yoga class, watch some videos or even look at some books … You will be surprised that there are many people who are flexible enough (through the practice of Yoga) to be able to perform sexual maneuvers such as autofellatio and autocunnilingus.

These simple examples give us an idea that such acts are not urban legends, but are, in fact, possible for people from all walks of life.

The key is learning how to create the desired flexibility in your joints that is needed for these positions. Learning the proper stretching and learning how to do it safely is a key to educating yourself about these different forms of autosexuality. Surgical removal of the ribs is not a necessity.

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