Are you at your best?

Do you know if you are an early riser or a night owl, or maybe something in between? It is important to know what time of day you are normally most alert and therefore best for important activities. This is called your rush hour. You want to schedule your most important activities during your rush hour so they get the best you have to offer. Here’s a quick test to determine your rush hour so you can become a better time manager. To take the test, simply place a check mark next to the items that most closely resemble you.

1. You are happy in the morning!

2. You wonder why the hell you have to get up so early.

3. When doing business, you prefer to get down to business before lunch.

4. A few hours after returning from lunch, you do your best work.

5. You would never plan to have a meeting near the end of the workday, but you can schedule one when you get to the office.

6. Scheduling meetings after 3:00 pm is your standard operating procedure when you have that responsibility.

7. You often complete your business phone calls before noon.

8. You primarily speak to clients and associates by phone at the end of the business day.

9. Bedtime is usually before the evening news.

10. When you go to sleep at night, it may already be the next day!

If you selected mostly ODD numbers, you are probably an early riser, also known as a morning person. Although some consider it abnormal for an individual, this is when people are most effective in groups. When planning your day, you should put the highest priority items in your morning schedule. Also plan any meeting with other people between 9:00 a.m. M. And 11:00 a. M. Planning to hold your meetings at a time more convenient for others will ensure that more attend and few are late.

If you selected mostly PAR numbers, it is most likely a night owl, also known as a late-night person. Some people consider this to be closer to normal for most people, but in reality there is no “average” person. If you don’t work nights, you should plan your highest priority items for the late afternoon. If you want to get your work done during your rush hour, you need to consider others when planning your meetings and schedule them late in the morning or between 2:00 PM. M. And 4:00 p.m. M. So others can get off work on time. Because you like to work later (both start and end times), you can stay in the office to follow up on the meeting while the early risers go home.

If you got an even balance between odd and even numbers, retest. It actually shows that you are confused about who you really are.

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