A trip from the Nassau Bahamas airport to your hotel is just one trip, isn’t it?

A ride is a ride

Or is that it?

It’s true that a $100 suit meets the decency requirement just as well as a $1,000 suit. However, what is not certain is that these suits are of the same quality. What is also not true is that the $100 suit and the $1000 suit will provide an identical experience. The $100 suit is most likely a product of inferior fabric and even more inferior workmanship. The $100 suit covers the essentials, but it won’t make you stand out from the crowd and it certainly won’t make you feel “like a million bucks.” A $1,000 suit, on the other hand, is expertly crafted from the finest fabric, looks and feels luxurious, and makes a bold statement. You feel like you have your personal glam squad with you the entire time you wear this suit… you feel like royalty.

Similarly, a ride is not just a ride. While the Bahamas is a laid-back and laid-back country, rest assured that luxury car services are definitely available for the discerning traveler. No need to settle for the ‘$100 transfer package’ when the ‘$1000 transfer package’ is available to you without the price tag.

‘The $100 Transfer Suit’

The cheapest form of transportation, particularly from NAS (Nassau International Airport) is taxis. It is definitely a ride and will take you to your destination hotel or address. All local taxis service The Atlantis Resort, Comfort Suites, Baha Mar, Breezes, Melia, One & Only Ocean Club and all other hotels on the island. If the condition of the vehicle and the level of service are not important to you, then a taxi may be the best option. However, after a long or bumpy flight, the last thing you need is to search for a taxi only to have it pull up next to you like you just stepped out of a 1980s car wreck. You may get lucky and get a taxi from this decade, but has to deal with hot oven (car cabin) as air conditioner not working ‘at the moment’; not a good start when the local weather is often in the 80s to 90s F. You might want to take your chances with a trucking company. They are a bit better organized and the vehicles are mostly modern. However, be prepared to wait 15-45 minutes at times for the shuttle bus to fill up with other passengers before you can leave the airport. The ferries may also make several stops before reaching your hotel. Cross your fingers that your hotel is the first and not the last.

‘The $1000 Transfer Suit’

Far from actually costing $1000 per ride, a pre-arranged luxury private transfer will provide an experience fit for royalty. In addition to NAS, private car services can also be arranged from the private airports, Odyssey Aviation and Jet Aviation Nassau/Executive Flight Support. In addition to servicing the popular Atlantis Resort and other major hotels, private car companies also service marinas and clubs such as Albany Marina, Lyford Cay Club, Atlantis Marina, and Nassau Yacht Club.

Prices are always per vehicle and not per passenger. Depending on the number of passengers, this option often turns out to be less expensive than bus travel. Your driver is trained to anticipate and meet your every need. Your driver will greet you at the airport with a warm smile and escort you to your vehicle of choice. Luxury car service companies offer modern fleets of fully insured luxury sedans, SUVs, limos and vans for you to choose from. Families traveling with younger children can reserve child safety seats to be available in the vehicle of their choice at the time of pickup, usually at no additional cost. Stops at grocery or liquor stores can also be arranged along the way. Water and soft drinks are always free and the Limousine bars are stocked. In addition to clean, modern and luxury vehicles, you can arrange any other special requests for special wines, flowers, balloons, etc.

So why not choose the best ride to your hotel or destination and book a luxury private transfer?

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