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20 ways to lose weight

1. Take one step at a time

Start by paying attention to what you eat. Cut down on fat and sweets and add more fruits and vegetables. After you get that under control, add exercise. If you hate working out, try it for just 15 minutes a day at first, then 1/2 hour. Keep in mind that while you exercise you are burning calories and not eating. Also, it will be easier if you think of an activity that you enjoy.

2. Find a friend

It’s always good to have support when you’re trying to lose weight. Find a friend who wants to lose weight and compare notes, weigh yourself together, and maybe even have a contest.

3. Use weights

Lifting weights will build muscle and increase your metabolism so you burn more calories. Plus, muscle takes up less space than fat, so you’ll be smaller (but probably heavier).

4. Eat fewer carbs

Do not eat so much bread and pasta and you will see the difference.

5. Set a goal

Set a target date to lose weight and write it down. For example, ‘By December 14, 2004, I will weigh 150 pounds or less.’ Put it somewhere you will see it daily.

6. Leave the soft drinks

If you drink a soda or 2 a day you are adding empty calories. If you find it difficult to stop completely, reduce the amount at first and drink water instead.

7. Roast or boil

Avoid fried, grilled meat and use a lot of spices. You’ll get used to it and probably enjoy it more.

8. Don’t buy junk food

When you go shopping, don’t go on an empty stomach and you’ll be less likely to buy junk food. Keep your home “junk food free” so you’re not tempted to indulge.

9. Have breakfast

Consume most of your calories early in the day and always eat breakfast. Do not eat after 8 at night and you will not only avoid those added calories but you will sleep better.

10. Treat yourself

When you tell yourself you can’t have something, you want it more. Treat yourself once a day (ie half a cookie) and you won’t feel like you’re missing out.

11. Use smaller plates

Fool yourself into thinking you are eating more by using a smaller plate.

12. Drink lots of water

Drink water when you’re hungry and you’ll get that ‘full’ feeling.

13. Don’t eat everything on your plate.

Many times we eat just because it is there. Pay attention to when you’ve had enough.

14. Eat five or six meals a day

Eating more often will keep you from getting too hungry.

15. Plan your training sessions

Write down your training sessions in your journal or planner.

16. Stay away from fad diets

Fad diets don’t work. If you lose weight quickly, you’ll likely gain it back (and more) just as quickly. It takes time to put it on and time to take it off.

17. Do several workouts a day

While watching TV, do crunches and leg lifts.

18. Measure your food

If you decide to have junk food for a snack, be sure to measure and control what you eat.

19. Preserve pre-cut vegetables

… and drive away those cravings.

20. Create good habits

It is a known fact that when we do something twenty-one times it becomes a habit. Create good eating habits.

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