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10 things you can buy at the dollar store instead

What would you do with an extra 20.00 a month, 240.00 a year? Save $20.00 or more by switching these 10 purchases to the Dollar Tree without sacrificing quality at all! The store even carries many of the brands you are already buying. All you have to do is go to your local dollar store and see for yourself what products you can exchange to buy at the dollar store. These are just a few of the items I buy at Dollar Tree to save our family money.

1. Greeting cards
Save approximately 1.50 or more per card by purchasing your cards at the dollar store instead of a Hallmark card retailer. Cards at Dollar Tree are just as cute or fun as other stores. I also bought beautiful packs of 8-10 thank you cards for times when I was interviewed for jobs or after my son’s baby shower. At this price, you can keep multiple cards on hand for a variety of occasions. Balloons, wrapping paper, and other party supplies are also good.

2. Think
Save about $4.00 on a pack of pens at Dollar Tree and more when you have other office supplies to buy. They carry just about anything you could want, including my usual purchases of cardstock and bubble mailers.

3. Invisible socks
Save 1.50 on a pair of no show socks when you buy them at the dollar store. I usually buy my socks in packs of 8-10, but for dress socks and nylon no show socks, I’ve had luck with the quality at Dollar Tree.

4. Shave gel
Save another 1.50 on your shaving gel by switching to the dollar store. As a lady, I consume a lot of shaving gel. I don’t like shaving cream, but Dollar Tree’s raspberry gel worked just as well as Skintimate or Pure Silk.

5. Pregnancy tests
Save approximately $3.00 on each pregnancy test you purchase at Dollar Tree. I’m currently doing a fertility chart and feel comfortable having lots of tests on hand in case I’m nervous I might be pregnant or to give to a friend in need. I have done identical tests in clinics and feel they are of the same caliber.

6. Teeth care
Save almost 2.00 on identical toothbrushes and same-name brands at Dollar Tree than at competitor stores. They carry disposable flossies, whitening products and toothpaste from name brands. I also don’t mind your Lavoris mouthwash.

7. Medicine
Save at least 5.00 on any over-the-counter medicine you buy at the Dollar Store vs. any other store. It’s been said on the internet before that Dollar Tree’s medication can compete closely and sometimes work even better. They carry a variety that you would have to see for yourself.

8. chewing gum
Save 1.00 or more on a pack of gum when you check out at the dollar store. For the car or the office, to chew before meetings, interviews or appointments, having a pack of gum handy can be the difference between making a good impression or not.

9. Movie Candy
Save at least 1.00 by visiting the Dollar Store before seeing a movie instead of going to the gas station. Whatever your taste, its entire aisle dedicated to sweets will provide you with your fix.

10. Kitchen utensils
Save more than a few dollars on anything kitchen related. Dollar Tree sells many Betty Crocker cookware and a whole wall of others. Their baking pans have held up just as well as their grocery store counterparts. They even carry quality plates, cups, mugs and wine glasses. You can also find Glad-ware and Reynolds wrap!

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